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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the Driving School
We never forget that you have a choice and we are proud to be known as a reliable, flexible and professional driving centre.  In order to provide the best service to all our clients we ask you to observe and respect our conditions to enable us to keep our commitment to you.

Our Conditions
A deposit of £20 is required to book future lessons. (this will be deducted from test day fee)
All lessons booked in advance are non refundable.  Unused lessons may be used as credit for other fees at
    the discretion of the driving school.
Installments towards test fees may be paid in advance and noted on the record card but will not be refunded
    if lessons are stopped and a test is not booked or taken.
Once booked an appointment is considered definite even if a start time is still to be confirmed.
Lesson prices may vary without notice in response to inflation or rising fuel prices.
The appropriate test booking fee including administration fee of £10 is payable at time of booking.  If a test is
    subsequently not taken or moved without agreement from the school you will lose your booking fee. The client is
    responsible for any tests booked personally and the school holds no liability for changes to the test either from
    the DVSA or the client themselves.  It is the clients responsibility to check instructor availability for test bookings.
Hire of car for test use (test day fee) is charged at the full lesson price for the entire time of pre-test lesson,
    test and return and is payable on the day of the test, before the test is taken.

Our Commitment to You
Reserve time in our diary for your lessons every week or as agreed
Supply a suitable, dual controlled car with relevant insurance, for lessons and hire for test use.
    (Unless it is agreed to teach in pupil’s own car.)
Be punctual for lessons and always make up any time lost.
Suggest a relevant learning objective for the lesson and use appropriate driving routes.
Keep the lessons challenging and interesting and within current capabilities.
Give honest and accurate feedback to pupil’s progress.
Agree Test dates when appropriate standards are attained

Our Requirement From You
Pay either at the time of the lesson or in advance for all lessons, test fees or learning materials.
    (Payment in cash or via bank transfer.)
Make yourself available for my lessons each week.
Give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a lesson at any time, for any reason.
Pay the cost of any lessons booked but not taken or cancelled within 48 hours of lesson time.
Inform your instructor of any other driving practice undertaken
Agree at least 24 hours before the lesson if the start or finish point is to be different from the norm.
Give at least 2 weeks notice if lessons are to be stopped for any reason.
Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during driving lessons.
    (Avoid excessive alcohol intake the day prior to lessons or tests.)

These terms and conditions are also found on the back of your Pupil Record Card
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